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It’s your business: it doesn’t have to be your life.

Gain Freedom… Gain Time… Restore Health… Achieve Happiness.

Sell Your Business Today - We Provide Expert Exit Solutions To Business Owners Across Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire and The UK 

  • Are you a Limited Company Owner? 

  • Revenues of between £1m and £15m?

  • Looking to possibly EXIT?


Small Business Investor was founded by Mike Howard who is an expert business funder, investor, facilitator, and growth by acquisition specialist out of Stratford that buys businesses across the UK. We work alongside strategic partners acquiring businesses from owners that are looking to exit and sell their business. We make the process of selling your business simple and efficient. Whether you are exiting due to retirement, health reasons or aiming for growth by acquisition, we share your values and welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you. 


Is now the right time?


When considering how to sell a business, there are several factors to consider and we appreciate the trials in making this decision.  Whether it means getting a good price, assuring the welfare of your staff and employees, or even continuing the business legacy, there is a lot to contemplate. So why is selling your business so challenging?  There is a lot more to selling a business than just price. When considering selling your business you need to be sure that the buyer’s values are aligned with your own.


When looking to sell a business, there are many factors to consider, one being, should you use a business broker or a private business funder and investor? We remove the dependency of a business broker and liaise directly with you. If our goals align and business valuations meet your expectations, we will buy your business.

Selling a business in today's market is more competitive than ever. Over the next decade alone, up to 8 million new businesses will come to market as baby boomers and Gen X look to retire and sell their businesses. It is important to understand your options when exiting your business. While one option could be a business broker, you likely won’t get a fair business valuation and even if you do you have no guarantee that someone will want to buy your business. That’s where we can help, when you choose to sell your business to us, we take care of the entire sales process in-house. 


  • Now is always the right time to discuss exiting.

  • Now is the time to put your own health and happiness as a priority.

  • Don’t let the business take your life away.

With my help, it can give you your life back.  Let’s talk.

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At Small Business Investor, we have many years’ experience in helping business owners exit their business. Based in Stratford upon Avon we have helped business owners in Warwickshire and throughout the UK unlock their business’s equity. We pride ourselves on making selling a business simple and efficient. Whether you are looking to sell your business to fund your retirement, because of poor health or burnout or even looking to grow the business through acquisition, we can help. We work with you by buying your business, taking ownership, presenting new business opportunities, and offering synergistic results.

If you are looking to sell your business and don't want to spend years working with a business broker, call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We will work with you with our aligned values to guarantee a fair valuation, seamless sales process and assure you that when you sell your business to us, your business legacy lives on.